Q&A with Jessi Bloom, First-time Homebuyer

Are you considering buying a home? Is this big commitment right for you? We spoke to a first-time homebuyer about their process to provide you with a bit of insight.

What motivated you to take the plunge, so to speak, and buy your first home?

Being able to say, ‘I did it!’ Every single time I pull in the driveway I get this great sense of accomplishment. Buying my first home wasn’t easy though. It required educating myself in the areas of finance, real estate, property law, home repair, negotiating, and so much more. There were the physical challenges of the move to overcome: scheduling hassels, packing, cleaning, attending open houses/showings, and at least 10 trips to Home Depot while juggling all of my other daily struggles and a job. When I reflect on my home purchase, going home reminds me that I had the determination to achieve homeownership.

 What was the most enjoyable part of your home purchase?

 Indoor Decor Galore: I can paint, hang moody curtains, install modern fixtures, replace the dated flooring, knock down walls, upgrade appliances, choose lighting, knock out walls, create custom shelving, and change my mind. The interior transformations that I can conduct is only limited by my budget. Homeownership is simply liberating.

How has homeownership changed how you take care of the exterior of your home and property?

Owning a home means I can build retaining walls, plant a pollinator garden, update outdoor fixtures, and install a privacy fence, and no one can stop me from pulling out the plants I don’t like. I can completely transform the character of my house on the outside by pouring in a little sweat equity, and reap the added benefits of hardened muscles and increasing my home value.

How did it feel not being a renter any longer?

I gained freedom and peace knowing that the landlord will not just drive by to check on the place, or worrying about the landlord selling the home, the possibility of rent being raised, or having our new puppy cost me an extra $300 pet deposit. With homeownership I am responsible if the fridge breaks, but I am free to make decisions, for my home, that I was not able to make while renting.

How has homeownership changed your financial mindset?

I enjoy making the mortgage payment knowing that I am building equity, rather than paying rent to a landlord. I’m investing in my future and I am excited about the equity I will receive when it is time for my next move.


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